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Avenida Libertador Bernardo O´higgins 560, Pucón - Chile


venacruzarchileargentinainoutpatagoniaThe "Travesía Navegando Chile Argentina" is a new touristic product which unites two important touristic centres like the cities of Pucón in Chile and San Martín de los Andes in Argentina, crossing the Andes Range by the International Pass Hua-Hum.

It is a wonderful and spectacular transfer that takes one day and combines parts by land and lake, sailing through beautiful mountain lakes in the Los Ríos Region in Chile and the Province of Neuquén in Argentina.

From: Ch$222.000.-

Per person, Base 02 people paying and travelling together. Taxes included..



  • 08:00 hrs. Departure from Pucón from the passenger's hotel.
  • 09:00 hrs. Transfer along the Lake Villarrica.
  • 09:30 hrs. Passing through the city of Lican-Ray towards Panguipulli. Transfer goes along the Lake Calafquén.
  • 11:00 hrs. Passing through the city of Panguipulli, snacks and bathrooms.
  • 11:30 hrs. Photography of Hotels at Huilo Huilo.
  • 12:00 hrs. Arrival in Puerto Fuy. One hour for lunch (not included in the price).
  • 13:00 hrs. Departure ferry towards Puerto Pirehueico, sailing the waters of the name's sake lake about 1 ½ hours.
  • 14:30 hrs. Disembark at Puerto Pirehueico to continue the transfer by land towards the Republic of Argentina.
  • 15:00 hrs. Customs.


  • 16:00 hrs. Harbour HuaHum, cafeteria and bathrooms.
  • 16:30 hrs. Embark in the boat Patagonia to sail the lakes Nonthue and Lacar.
  • 17:30 hrs. Excursion and walk in the Island Santa Teresita, visit of interest.
  • 18:30 hrs. Arrival at the dock of the Argentinian city of San Martín de los Andes, transfer to the different hotels. (Subject to hotel reservation with In Out Patagonia).

These schedules are only a reference, and are subject to modifications due to operational reasons. The whole operation involves transfers by land, river and lakes and the customs at Chile and Argentina. In case of force majeure or bad weather conditions for the sailing and or/transfer of passengers, the program TRAVESIA NAVEGANDO CHILE ARGENTINA, might me made entirely by land.

 The prices are subject to change without notice, according to changes in the prices of the providers of hotel and transfer services, and must be confirmed before asking for a reservation
The prices do not include tips nor any kind of beverages.

Accommodation at the hotels which have been previously booked or, in case of lack or availability, hotels in a similar category. Excursions, transfers, meals, entrance fees, guide services and river, lake or land transfers as needed, according to the program. 
Transfers, air, sea, river, lake or land tickets not specified in the programs. Meals and beverages not specified, laundry, ironing or extra services of any kind, phone calls or other services not included in the programs. Taxes, harbour or airport taxes, which are not specified in the programs or travel documents or taxes of any kind. Customs fees, visas or personal documentation of the passengers. Personal insurances.
The programs and services are subject to specific conditions for each one of them, which refer to inscriptions, warranty payments, fines, cancellations, reimbursements, services included and additional conditions applied by the different operators and service providers, which are provided to the customer who declares to know and accept them, allowing In Out to be free of any further responsibility in this matter. 
It is the passenger's responsibility to have a valid passport and obtain any visas or other documents needed for the trip. Passengers travelling with a foreign passport must confirm all the requirements needed for this trip, and it is their responsibility to obtain visas and other documents, if necessary.
The published photos of the rooms are the ones of a certain category of the given hotel, and are shown only to complete the information. The rooms assigned by a hotel might not be the same as the ones in the published photos. The maps that appear in this program are meant as general information; therefore the size does not correspond with reality. They have only a referential purpose, to show the route of the circuit, relative location of points of touristic interest, etc. The information of each program has been given by the operators, their flyers or international handbooks which have these data. All published photos have registered rights and have been given by photo banks, independent photographers and other service providers. These photos have the only purpose to illustrate the programs and destinations, without compromising In Out in any sense (monuments or buildings visited, landscapes, weather, etc.). 
In Out explicitly declares that acts solely as intermediary between the travellers and the entities or persons that facilitate the services mentioned in the itinerary, that is: transfer enterprises, hotels, restaurants, etc. Thereafter, In Out has no responsibility in any deficiencies or breaches that may occur with the enterprise which actually provides the services, such as delays, change or modifications in itineraries and/or routes, loss or damage of baggage, assignation of seats in transfers or rooms in hotels, sudden cancellation of reservations and other breaches, no matter the cause. Neither has any responsibility in damages caused to the person or personal goods of the customer and/or travel companions, no matter the cause of such damages, like accidents, acts of God, strikes, war, governmental restrictions, diseases, quarantines, earthquakes, weather or force majeure or any other cause that escapes out of the control of In Out According to the last paragraph, the customer and /or his companions resign to make any claims or demands against In Out, such as reimbursement of the payments, extra accommodation expenses, subsistence costs, transport, loss or damages of any kind to him/herself or property, for one or more of the causes mentioned before. Such claims must be made directly to the enterprise that provides the service involved, according to what is established in the general conditions of purchase at the moment of booking this particular service. The air, lake and land companies that are involved in these trips will not be responsible for any act, omission or irregularity that may happen to the passenger in the time that the passenger may be outside the means of transport. The ticket involved will be the only attachment between the air, lake and land companies and the passenger. 

In Out reserves the right to change a published itinerary if the circumstances or force majeure apply, in order to achieve the best organization and development of the excursions and transfers. Likewise reserves the right to cancel an excursion or transfer if there isn't the minimum number of passengers required, or due to force majeure. The itineraries, services included, hotels and operators used in the published programs may change without notice. That is why In Out will not be responsible for any inconveniences and /or acts of God and /or force majeure that will make it impossible to match schedule connections with other means of transport to other both national or international destinations related to our itinerary and arrivals in both Chile and/or Argentina. The order of the excursions may be changed due to weather conditions or force majeure, in order to achieve the best development of our services.




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